Empower your users with automated access approval

Whether they’re are in the office, working from home or traveling halfway around the world, your users can request and receive access to new applications or data immediately. With SailPoint automated access requests, it just takes a few clicks to get them up and running.

  • Enable users to request access to corporate resources anytime, anywhere
  • Automatically grant or deny user access to corporate applications or data
  • Reduce the strain on IT by eliminating manual, repetitive processes

How do self-service access requests work?

Whenever a user needs access to a new application or corporate resource (like a network drive), they can go to a dashboard where all the applications are listed. By clicking the button to request access, they are automatically provisioned — or, if needed, routed to their manager to approve the request — without having to resort to manual processes.

With SailPoint you can:

Increase user productivity

With automated access to the right applications and data, users can stay productive instead of stopping their work to submit helpdesk tickets that cause delays.

Reduce IT fatigue

Without routine tasks, like granting or denying access requests, your IT staff is free to work on more strategic projects for the organization.

Improve security

When users get access to the resources they need quickly, they’re less likely to download files from the internet or find workarounds that could put your organization at risk.

Ensure compliance

With SailPoint, your team can continuously address compliance requirements, while also getting a paper trail to prove compliance before your audits.

Boost your security and productivity

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