Always make sure your users have the right access.

Change is inevitable. People move to different roles, take on new responsibilities and use more applications and data to get their job done. To keep your organization secure — and audit ready — it’s critical to make sure that access remains appropriate for every user, including bots.

SailPoint automates user access reviews and reporting, making it easy for your business team to manage approvals and keep your auditors happy.

  • Quickly review and perform access certifications across your data center, cloud and mobile systems
  • Use AI-generated recommendations to decide if it’s safe to maintain or revoke user access
  • Prove your compliance controls are working to auditors
  • Replace manual processes with automated reporting and approval workflows

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How does access certification work?

When you’re certifying access, our AI-based recommendations appear as a thumbs-up or thumbs-down icon to validate if access should be granted or revoked. Once certified, access is automatically adjusted and documented for future audit purposes.

With SailPoint you can:

Catch risky users

See where users may have too much access and remove it to stay secure and compliant.

Forget about complicated spreadsheets

By automating the process, managers can easily respond to access review and certification requests.

Improve your compliance

Nail audit inquiries and maintain compliance by knowing that users only have the access they need to do their job.

Do more with less effort

Automate low-risk access so you can focus on the high-risk access that could make your organization vulnerable.

Make smarter access decisions and stay compliant.

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