The rapid transformation to the digital world has cut across all organizations and industries and has required changes to how organizations manage their workforce and ultimately how they deliver access to their critical applications and data. The workforce has also evolved. In addition to providing access to employees, organizations now also need to include contractors, vendors, partners, even nonhuman access with bots, each with their own set of access requirements, restrictions, and locations. Furthermore, data and applications spread across cloud, on-premises and hybrid infrastructures are being accessed by a varied number of devices including tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Today’s organizations are utilizing the benefits of access management to balance ease of use and access to a variety of cloud and on-premises applications from anywhere, on any device. While this enables users with the convenience needed today for 24/7 access, organizations must be cognizant of the attack surface that remains if they are only depending on access management to secure access across the infrastructure.

The Importance of Going Beyond Access Management

While access management provides convenience and enhanced productivity with single sign-on access and multi-factor authentication, organizations looking to truly establish a secure environment must establish an identity governance program to control and govern each user’s access after they have gained initial access. Identity governance ensures the right resources are accessed at the right times for the right reasons. Without identity governance, organizations leave themselves exposed to compromised accounts and insider threats – two of the biggest causes of data breaches and compliance infringements.

With 77% of data breaches involving an insider, it is necessary to ensure access to all your corporate resources are secured and governed.

Organizations can now deliver simple and secure user access, from any device and any location, while ensuring corporate access and security policies are adhered to.

Using the power of SailPoint Predictive Identity™, organizations can enable complete end-to-end identity management by unifying access management with SailPoint’s AI-driven identity governance to securely and effectively authenticate, provision and govern access to all applications and data across the enterprise.

The result is an identity-aware organization that is more efficient, secure and compliant.

An identity-aware infrastructure is essential for today’s enterprise that must proactively address security risks and compliance needs, while still effectively meeting the strategic needs of the business.

By leveraging SailPoint Predictive Identity™ and the power of AI and machine learning (ML), organizations can now institute an identity-aware solution that securely and effectively authenticates, provisions and governs access to all applications and data across the enterprise, ensuring adherence to corporate policies and security requirements.

Realizing the Power of Predictive Identity

Providing the convenience of unified access and single sign-on with the needed control of identity governance enables enterprises with the access controls necessary to mitigate the risk of a security breach and enforce compliance policies, while managing the demands of today’s modern workforce.

Some of the benefits of SailPoint Predictive Identity include:

  • Automate access and governance controls to more easily manage the demands of today’s dynamic and mobile workforce, from on-boarding throughout the user’s access lifecycle.
  • Gain a centralized view of who has and should have access to all the applications, systems, file shares, and cloud infrastructure across your hybrid infrastructure.
  • Identify risky behavior and stop it fast using AI-driven insights and recommendations to help know when it’s safe to grant access or not.
  • Enforce user access policies, such as separation-of-duty (SoD), and establish consistent governance controls, eliminating access violations or over-entitled users through automated governance controls.
  • Reduce overall IT costs by automating identity processes, such as onboarding, password resets and access requests, eliminating the need for help desk tickets or calls.
  • Enable comprehensive control and visibility of who has access to what, from identities to accounts to entitlements, thus maintaining a secure user experience.

Build Your Identity Governance Strategy

Organizations must consider the big picture and take a more strategic approach to managing their identities. An identity program includes much more than just access – which is just the tip of the iceberg. What resides under the surface is identity context that is gained by an identity governance program. This rich context is used to enable smarter identity management by sharing with other critical IT and security resources in the IT ecosystem. When a smart identity approach is used, organizations quickly see it is so much more than application governance and provisioning, lifecycle management, certification, and password management; it is the connective fabric that weaves all your security and compliance efforts together.

Are you able to answer these questions while planning your identity strategy?

  1. Do you have full visibility and control over and into all types of users and to all apps (both on-prem and cloud), files, and cloud platforms within your organization?
  2. Do your employees get only the right access for the right resources at the right time? Are these controls automated?
  3. Can you take the burden off IT by identifying repetitive, low-risk tasks that can be safely automated using AI-based recommendations?
  4. Do you know what your users are doing with their access to your organization’s resources?
  5. Can you automatically modify or terminate access based on your users’ changing roles?
  6. Can you automatically produce a report for your auditors and be in a continuous state of compliance?
  7. Can you flag suspicious activity and alert the appropriate administrators?

By integrating identity governance with your existing access management solution, you can now automate the governance controls needed to mitigate the risk of a security breach and enforce compliance policies, while managing the demands of today’s modern workforce. Learn more.

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