Ensure cloud business productivity is secure and compliant

You use Microsoft Office 365 every single day, but have you thought about how securely your information is stored within it, or who may have the ability to gain access to it? With SailPoint’s integration with Office 365, you can have policy-based access controls for better security and compliance beyond what you have experienced before.

  • Automate access to reduce costs and improve productivity
  • Discover and protect access to sensitive data
  • Demonstrate compliance with audit reporting

Manage Office 365 access

Office 365 example

How does SailPoint integrate with Office 365?

SailPoint imports users, groups and entitlement information to give you complete control of your Office 365 access.

Policy-based access controls

SailPoint and Office 365 integration diagram

Complete Office 365 governance

SailPoint and Office 365 integration diagram

With SailPoint you can:

Manage access permissions properly

Periodically analyze who has access to what, which will reduce your security risk and help maintain compliance.

Gain greater data visibility

Identify and classify data with out-of-the box policies designed to find sensitive data residing in Office 365.

Streamline the access approval process

Automate your access requests and provisioning to make management of Office 365 users, groups and entitlements easier and faster than ever before.

Monitor inappropriate access

Audit and report on user access behavior patterns in Office 365 and other cloud and on-premise applications.

Support hybrid environments

Whether your applications and data reside within your data center or in the cloud, SailPoint lets you govern it with a centralized set of controls and policies.

Minimize IT efforts

Since data owners, rather than IT, know the most about their files, our solution empowers them to determine who should have access.

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