Control access to Exchange and keep your email secure

Microsoft Exchange keeps your organization communicating, but that’s not all it does. It stores a lot of information you probably want to keep private.

Secure and control access to your mailboxes with our Exchange integration through Microsoft and Azure Active Directory connectors. We provide policy-based access controls that make it easy to keep your emails safe and ensure compliance.

  • Manage and minimize access to mailboxes
  • Automate access to cut costs and speed productivity
  • Monitor mailbox access activity

Strengthen email permissions

Strengthen email permissions

How does SailPoint integrate with Exchange?

SailPoint collects and analyzes permissions in Exchange to determine who has access to it. We can also alert you about inappropriate access to help you maintain security.

Permission analysis

Exchange diagram

Access monitoring and alerting

Exchange diagram

With SailPoint you can:

Collect and analyze permissions

Automatically collect and analyze all granted entitlements on personal and public folders, including “Send As” and “Send on Behalf” permissions.

Streamline the access approval process

Automate access requests and provisioning to help make management of Exchange users, mailboxes, mail contacts and entitlements easier and faster than ever before.

Support hybrid environments

Make sure your entire Microsoft Exchange infrastructure is protected. SailPoint covers both Microsoft Exchange Server and Exchange Online with the same license.

Monitor mailbox access activity

Monitor mailbox delegates and administrators to reduce risk and maintain compliance when accessing other users’ mailboxes.

Control mailbox access and protect your sensitive data

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