Accelerate your business with a secure digital workforce.

As a robotic process automation (RPA) pioneer, Blue Prism allows your team to automate manual, time-consuming tasks so they can focus on more strategic business initiatives. With software bots, the benefits of faster productivity are great — but so are the security and compliance risks. That’s why it’s critical to protect the credentials and access for your digital workforce.

Our Blue Prism integration helps you overcome risk while also reaching new levels of productivity. SailPoint Predictive IdentityTM automatically manages, provisions and secures user access, making it easy to see and control access to all your applications and data in the cloud or on-premises.

And with automated access monitoring and audits, you gain improved compliance reporting and full lifecycle management and security.

  • Aggregate RPA credentials and access rights
  • Quickly enable or disable credentials as needed
  • Add or remove access based on joiner, mover, leaver
  • Create or edit digital workforce credentials at any time

Intelligent automation

Dramatically improve operational efficiency and accuracy by automatically provisioning, managing and securing your digital workforce access.

Increased visibility

Combine Blue Prism credentials data with SailPoint identity management to automatically update records and gain full visibility into access for bots.

Audit-ready compliance

Monitor and audit digital workforce access for improved compliance reporting and full lifecycle management and security.

The right access for digital workers

Define policies to ensure that digital workers get the right access with automatic provisioning and deprovisioning when they join, change roles or retire.

Tap into the full potential of RPA for identity governance.

Integrate SailPoint with Blue Prism for intelligent RPA security.

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