How Mature is Your Identity Security Strategy?

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Identity security is a strategic enabler and core to securing your business. For a successful identity program, SailPoint provides three simple steps to help you analyze where you currently are, devise a plan forward and garner the buy-in you need.

Assess your current capabilities to understand where your organization is in the identity journey. This baseline assessment will reveal areas most urgent to address in your IAM program, and where the most value can be created.

Build a business case with SailPoint by understanding the roadmap for your identity transformation and the costs of an identity program.

Start the transformation by identifying identity capabilities that span across the entire organization and are inherently cross-functional. Securing support, sponsorship and buy-in from executive leadership is key.

Assess the maturity of your identity capabilities to identify the gaps

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The Future of Identity Security

Business leaders across industries are recognizing that next-generation digital identities will be essential to enable seamless collaboration with business partners, boost operational efficiency, comply with rising cybersecurity and privacy regulations, and reduce cybersecurity risks. As a result, the future of identity will be shaped by ongoing technology shifts:

  • Integration across technology environments including cloud, software as a service, application programming interfaces, and data
  • Dynamic trust models that evolve based on behavior and interactions
  • Universal identities that can merge with federated access across domains and geographies
  • Frictionless access that is dynamic, automated and code driven

45% of companies fall into horizon 1 – they are at the beginning of the identity journey.

Identity Security Horizons

We surveyed IAM decision makers across the globe to define the capabilities across different horizons of the identity journey. We also explored the value drivers for each horizon based on different business goals.

We found that companies going through an identity journey generally fall across 5 horizons:

  • At Horizon 1, the lowest maturity, companies lack the strategy and technology to enable digital identities
  • Those at Horizon 2 have adopted some identity technology but still rely heavily on manual processes
  • For organizations at Horizon 3, the identity program has become digitalized, scaled up, and adopted more widely across the company
  • Those at Horizon 4 have automated at scale and use artificial intelligence (AI) to enable digital identities
  • Horizon 5 is closest to the future of identity – serving as a critical control point in reducing cybersecurity risk and supporting business in next-gen technology innovation

Where a company falls on this journey depends not only on technical capabilities, but also on the company’s strategy, operating model, and talent.

Assess the maturity of your identity capabilities and identify the gaps to start your identity transformation. Download latest Horizons of the Identity Security report after the assessment.

45% of companies fall into horizon 1 – they are at the beginning of the identity journey.

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