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Business value and trust increase when your organization is protected by a robust identity security program. But a continuously evolving security threat landscape demands constant vigilance and advanced protection. With 90% of organizations experiencing an identity-related incident in the last year, identity security is the critical line of defense to mitigate potentially existential threats to the business.

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Understand how technology adoption, usage, and barriers can impact your identity security strategy today and learn how investing in digital identity can secure and fuel business value.

The Identity Security Adoption Assessment delivers valuable insights for organizations looking to address today’s most pressing challenges.

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Understand the maturity level of your identity security based on strategy, talent, operating model, and technology capabilities.

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Discover how to build a compelling business case that articulates how investments in identity security reduce risk and drive business value.

Peer deep-dive

Learn which capabilities peers are investing in, the coverage of those capabilities, timelines to scale, and typical barriers faced and how to overcome them.

Understanding the Horizons of Identity Security

We surveyed IAM decision makers across the globe and found that companies going through an identity journey generally fall across 5 horizons:

  • At Horizon 1, the lowest maturity, companies lack the strategy and technology to enable digital identities
  • Those at Horizon 2 have adopted some identity technology but still rely heavily on manual processes
  • For organizations at Horizon 3, the identity program has become digitalized, scaled up, and adopted more widely across the company
  • Those at Horizon 4 have automated at scale and use artificial intelligence (AI) to enable digital identities
  • At Horizon 5 is closest to the future of identity – serving as a critical control point in reducing cybersecurity risk and supporting business in next-gen technology innovation

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Accelerate the future of identity

Discover key insights from organizations around the globe to help you on your identity security journey.

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Horizons of Identity Security, 2022

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