October 31, 2019

Securing user access rights not only prevents highly consequential data breaches, it also delivers significant returns. According to several studies cited below, applying an automated identity solution can drive IT and operational efficiencies, improve user productivity and satisfaction, and significantly reduce IT costs.

The Value of Identity Governance

Identity governance enables government agencies to determine and control who has access to what IT resources, who should have access and how access is used. As part of the process, access rights are appropriately reviewed and reconciled, thus creating the foundation for other identity-centric functions such as single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and privileged access management. And by automating critical processes related to user access rights, identity governance can drive quantifiable value in various ways.

The Effects of Automated Identity Governance by the Numbers

Timely User Access

  • The time required for access requests to be granted per user plummets 80% from an average of 60 min. to 12 min.
  • Users wait on average more than 300 minutes throughout the year for help desk to correctly provision or change access. With automated identity, the wait drops to only 100 minutes.

Reduced Risk of Breach

  • By reducing the threat surface, the risk of a data breach drops from 30% to only 5%.
  • Mitigate financial risk and potentially save millions of dollars in remediation costs resulting from a data breach.

Quicker Compliance

  • Perform access entitlement reviews in only 1/3 the time compared to the industry average.
  • Cut in half the time it takes managers to complete attestation.

Cost Savings

  • Save up to 83% on highly effective security.
  • Cut as much as 72% of helpdesk identity administration costs.
  • Spend up to 82% less for attestation and compliance.

Lighter Workload

  • Password resets account for up to 50% of helpdesk service calls. Reduce the IT burden by cutting the number of such calls by 60%.
  • Decrease average cost per password reset call from $30 down to $12.

What You Can Do with the Savings

  • Onboard new applications.
  • Upgrade legacy systems.
  • Govern data files.

Adding Value with SailPoint

With 95% customer satisfaction, SailPoint’s cloud identity governance platform is:

  • Predictive – Leverage artificial intelligence/machine learning to help multiply your efforts, without multiplying the cost.
  • Flexible – Deploy identity governance in the cloud or on-premises to efficiently and affordably address the various financial and operational requirements of the healthcare provider organization.
  • Automated – Reduce burden on IT by automating critical processes for governing user access rights to applications and data files.

SailPoint’s Government Pedigree

With more than 60 government agencies already using SailPoint to manage more than 3 million identities, SailPoint is the most trusted name in identity governance. Our long record of success enables government agencies to reduce cybersecurity risk without having to take a leap of faith on unproven platforms.


  • NIST 800-53 security Controls
  • Implementation of the FICAM services for Identity Management
  • ICAM Modernization Strategy
  • FIAR and FISCAM security controls
  • Protection of HVA by implementing security controls


  • At 23 CFO Act agencies to support the DHS CDM Master User Record
  • DISA for identity lifecycle


  • To operate on Americas most sensitive DoD and intelligence community networks


  • NIAP Common Criteria


  • FedRAMP Authorization

Learn how SailPoint can help you drive returns while improving user experience and reducing security and compliance risk. Contact SailPoint to request a complimentary business value assessment specifically for your agency.

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