Get visibility and control over your unstructured data.

Left unaddressed, governance issues around unstructured data can expose organizations to significant security and compliance risks, particularly with data subject to regulation.

File Access Manager is a comprehensive data access governance solution that gives organizations visibility and control over unstructured data in both applications and files.

Many identity governance programs focus on managing access to applications and structured systems – not visibility into the data within those applications and systems, what users are doing with it, or how they’re accessing it.

File Access Manager’s identity-focused approach to data access governance provides critical context for every access decision and monitored activity:

  • Get a complete picture of where data lives and what sensitive information it contains.
  • Understand which users have access, quickly determine whether it’s appropriate, and automatically align access rights with best practices to minimize risk.
  • Identify potentially malicious activity and monitor access policy violations.
  • Automate compliance certifications for data privacy and access governance.
  • NEW in 8.3: Automate Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) campaign workflows to address right-of-access and right-to-be-forgotten use cases.
  • NEW in 8.3: New AI-powered NLP data privacy engine offers advanced classification capabilities to easily identify PII data.
  • NEW in 8.3: Enhanced connector for AWS S3; integration with Microsoft Azure files; and support for Google G-Suite shared drives and external accounts.

Why use File Access Manager?

Govern and monitor sensitive access with an extensive array of preset and custom policies for PII, PHI, and ICD to comply with such regulatory standards as GDPR, CCPA, and others.

File Access Manager

Get real-time insights into files across all governed data sources via an intuitive analytics dashboard.

File Access Manager Dashboards

Receive instant notification about suspicious activities based on complex threat patterns.

File Access Manager Activity Notifications

Protect access to all systems and data – on-premises or in the cloud.

Comprehensive Visibility

Get a complete view of where sensitive data resides, who can access it, and how it’s being used.

Increased Control

Define policies to enforce security best practices, receive violation alerts, and manage access controls to mitigate risk.

Ongoing Compliance

Automate governance and privacy workflows to validate and certify access and continuously strengthen your overall security stance.

Instant Remediation

Take immediate action to respond to threats and automate the management of sensitive data and retention policies.

Discover how File Access Manager for data governance can help your
organization control access to unstructured data.

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