Imagine if identity governance didn’t exist — what are the risks?

Video Transcript

Jessica Sutera: Hello everyone, I’m Jess Sutera and today on Identity Talks I’m joined by Matt Mills our Chief Revenue Officer. Welcome to Identity Talks Matt.

Matt Mills: Hi Jess, thanks for having me.

Jessica Sutera: So we talk a lot about how business essential identity governance is today. One of the easiest ways to illustrate that point is to imagine what our world would look like if identity, identity governance didn’t exist. How would you describe that Matt?

Matt Mills: Yeah so, so think of it this way Jess. When you look back over the last few months this COVID-19 pandemic has struck us. It’s really flipped our world upside down. It’s forced our workers to stay home, our schools are closed, non-essential businesses are shut down and our entire workforce has gone virtual, right? And so companies without an identity governance plan are forced to answer questions that I think quite frankly many of them aren’t prepared to answer. You know for instance just for your everyday office worker right not only do you have to figure out how to you know, what’s the new norm in terms of working remotely but how do you do your job securely, right without opening yourself up to potential liability and even exposing your own personal data every time you access a nonsecure app or data source right?

CIOs you know, how do you prove without a shadow of a doubt who has access to the applications the, infrastructure and data that make up your business. You know I always think about the CISO and I feel bad for those guys. They’re sitting out here, how do you report to your CEO with great confidence that all your IP is secure and more importantly or equally importantly how do I ensure that all my employees still have access to what they need to be able to run the efficient business efficiently? Right and then there’s the board you know, how do you answer the questions from the board in terms of what is your risk and what are you doing about it? And then last but certainly not least your customers you know how do you guarantee to your most prized possession, your most important asset that their data is protected right, and it’s and they’re secured from a potential data breach, right? I think without identity all these questions remain unanswered and I don’t think any business can afford to move forward today without being able to confidently answer questions like these.

Jessica Sutera: Great you’ve given us a lot to think about here today Matt, thanks for your time. For our Identity Talks viewers stay tuned and Matt will be blogging on this topic and more in the coming weeks so keep those eyes open. Until then I’m Jess and this is Identity Talks.

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