SailPoint’s Donovan Blaylock sheds some light on the most frequently asked identity questions at RSAC 2020. 

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Video Transcript

Hannah Giles: Hey, y’all, I’m here with Donovan Blaylock. Donovan how is your day going?

Donovan Blaylock: It’s amazing, it is busy, busy, busy.

Hannah Giles: Awesome. Well Donovan is one of our evangelists here at SailPoint and he can really tell you everything there is to know about SailPoint Predictive Identity. So we have a few FAQs we’re going to talk about with him today. And of course, we have to ask, AI and ML is such a talked about topic. What does that mean for identity?

Donovan Blaylock: Sure and it’s become a buzzword here at the conference because as all these people know, being a practitioner in this space you’re challenged to do more with less every year and that’s why the terms AI machine learning are quickly becoming a hot item around here because you have to find a way to accomplish more tasks, be more secure, with the same if not a smaller staff then you had last year or the year before.

And it helps these security warriors if you will, accomplish things they just could never accomplish on their own and that’s why that buzzword is becoming so popular. The only way we can get there is through AI and machine learning. And that’s the only path we can really get to protect these organizations.

Hannah Giles: Next FAQ that we’re hearing a lot at the booth today, it’s about how users can access the roles that they have. So can you tell us about that?

Donovan Blaylock: Yeah, so the concept of roles and how you get access from your attribute base or the role base or however that happens is really old right? We’ve been doing this for over 20 years now out there and people are asking, you know, what’s changing there? What’s the difference? And some of that goes to that AI discussion earlier that we talked about where AI can make things that we just couldn’t do in the past.

But the others are that world is changing what a role means today is not what a role meant 10 years ago. And here at SailPoint we’re really driving home the new vision for what a role might look like an organization, how you, how you approve it, how you grant it, what it might look like to an organization. That is changing very, very quickly, and we’re ready and willing to talk about our vision for the future that we think it’s very powerful and it will likely change almost all of our customers worldwide.

Hannah Giles: Wow, that’s pretty huge. Awesome. Well, come see Donovan if you have questions, he knows what he’s talking about and we look forward to seeing you at our booth. Booth 309

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