June 7, 2021

After decades of decline, and despite disruptions imposed by the COIVD-19 pandemic, today’s manufacturing industry is surging forward amid the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Advances in technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, cloud computing and systems automation are enabling unprecedent speed and agility across the entire supply chain.

Referred to as Industry 4.0, these innovations are no longer viewed as novel or progressive, but rather as fundamental for success in a competitive landscape. Yet many manufacturers face complex challenges on the path to modernization. Outdated manual processes cannot keep pace with increased production demands. Dispersed resources — from employees to vendors to supply chain partners — make it difficult to control access rights. And massive amounts of interconnected data across the ecosystem require additional security measures.

A sophisticated identity security platform can help manufacturers overcome these challenges, automate their supply chains and capitalize on the abundant advantages of Industry 4.0.

Today’s manufacturing leaders are under pressure to modernize operations, increase productivity, meet stringent regulations and accommodate remote workforces — all while safeguarding against a new range of security threats that come with the interconnected nature of Industry 4.0.

The Foundation of Modern Manufacturing

At the core of Industry 4.0 is the need for an automated, scalable and flexible identity security solution. By properly provisioning access, protecting the business at scale and ensuring compliance, manufacturers can significantly improve operational efficiency and reduce risk.


Manual processes are inefficient, vulnerable to outside attacks and internal errors, and can strain valuable resources. An automated identity security solution allows users to be easily and securely onboarded, as well as access to be removed or reinstated when changes inevitably occur. It also facilitates the development of strong data access methods for maximum protection.

Provision with Confidence

  • Deliver the right access to the right people at the right time, intuitively, with full-lifecycle visibility
  • Manage and govern accounts, roles and entitlements for applications, systems, data sets and cloud services
  • Uncover risks, refine roles and monitor behaviors with AI-enhanced intelligence and machine learning, on the path to autonomous identity


Whether data is structured or unstructured, identity security dictates that users can only access, manage and share data for which they are authorized. Keeping track of these permissions becomes increasingly complex as employee numbers rise, so scalability is essential.

A scalable solution allows you to manage and govern access across all systems and sensitive data stored on-premises and in the cloud. It gives you a complete view of all user access including partners, vendors, employees, contractors and non-human identities, with insight into users with potentially risky or abnormal access.

Protect at Scale

  • Use deep analytics and machine learning to find risks, manage outliers, separate duties and improve policies
  • Manage users, requests and entitlements at volumes measured in millions, whether on-site, at home or in the cloud
  • Connect seamlessly with IT infrastructure, service desk and incident management systems to rapidly meet business needs while safeguarding assets


As manufacturing processes adapt to Industry 4.0 technologies, requirements will continue to shift — and fast. A flexible identity security platform is built to learn and grow with the business, providing the ability to upgrade and innovate processes with minimal disruption. It allows you to build and maintain roles to help ensure access always adheres to security and compliance policies.

Evolve with Business Requirements

  • Make user access reviews fast, simple and accurate, with AI-driven recommendations that eliminate manual rubber stamping
  • Maintain a full audit trail of accounts, entitlements, policies and actions, to the minute, and address audit needs with ease
  • Manage policies and privileges continuously and company-wide, from first-day requests to last-day removals

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