September 18, 2020

SailPoint, a leader in identity governance solutions and Blue Prism, pioneer of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have joined forces, creating the next generation of intelligent RPA governance and security. Joint users of Blue Prism and SailPoint can quickly and securely add and remove access to and from Blue Prism credentials, allowing for monitoring and auditing access with ease.

This exciting integration adds Collaboration and Planning & Sequencing to the Digital Workforce—part of Blue Prism’s Six Skills for Intelligent Automation. Now, businesses can enact seamless communication between people, process and technology, optimizing identity governance workloads with a Digital Workforce that works securely and accurately alongside people.

Tapping into the Full Potential of RPA for Identity Governance

Savvy organizations invest in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to dramatically improve operational efficiency. Automating manual, time consuming tasks cuts costs and increases productivity, freeing human employees to focus on more value-added work. Digital workers can execute many tasks, and forward-thinking businesses are investing aggressively. In fact, RPA software revenue grew by 63% in 2018, making it the fastest growing segment of the global enterprise software market, according to Gartner.

As part of typical workflow, digital workers routinely request access and manage identities, just like their human counterparts. While digital workers are not human identities, organizations still need to utilize identity governance as software robots often access sensitive business data and applications as part of their workplace ‘duties’. Not unlike human credentials, Digital worker credentials are at risk for compromise, prompting smart organizations to put the necessary governance and controls in place.

SailPoint identity governance automates the management, provisioning and securing of user access, making it possible to see and control user access to all your applications and data—in the cloud and on-premises. Blue Prism maintains a repository of credentials which can be granted access to Blue Prism roles, processes, and resources. Together, SailPoint and Blue Prism tap into the full potential of RPA for seamless identity governance. The joint solution ensures you stay secure and compliant with a digital workforce that executes and initiates systems-based tasks like a human, securely and at scale.

How it Works and What it Can Do: SailPoint Identity Governance & Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce

By connecting to Blue Prism as an authoritative source for digital workers, the SailPoint governance platform can execute the following processes:

  • Aggregate Credentials and Access Rights
  • Add/Remove Access Rights to Credentials
  • Enable or Disable Credentials
  • Create/Edit Credentials

Here’s an example of how a National Bank is leveraging the combined technologies and integration:

The bank relies on SailPoint to manage access requests for their Blue Prism RPA identities. The process to grant requests and manage the RPA identity is equivalent as their human identities.

What that means for this bank is embedding the proper workflows into the software bot creation process. For instance, the manager of the beneficiary of the bot access approves the access request. And, if the request is for access on a sensitive or business critical application, additional levels of support can be required. The key change is that at the end of the process, there must be a trigger so that someone is registered to that account, and that registration takes place in the SailPoint privileged access management system.

With SailPoint and Blue Prism, the bank can streamline how it governs bot identities and their associated access to enterprise applications and data through the enforcement of processes, such as the requesting, approving, and certifying of access.

Better Together: Enterprise Benefits

Combine the power of Blue Prism RPA with SailPoint identity governance and expect to achieve the following enterprise benefits:

  • Intelligent Automation & Efficiencies — Improve automation with an intelligent digital workforce and increase accuracy, reduce unnecessary manual processes and decrease costly staffing.
  • Management & Visibility — Increase the ability to see and manage your digital workforce, along with their access, with the ability to add or remove access as needed.
  • Correct Access & Versions — If digital workers do password resets, you can ensure they have the right access and versioning to do their job.
  • Auditing & Compliance — Security and compliance matter. Easily secure proof that your organization is accountable for managing digital workers as part of certification.
  • Policies & Plans — Define policies and lifecycle events that ensure digital workers get the right amount of access and enforce controls when access changes or when digital workers retire.

SailPoint can request updated information about Blue Prism credentials and all available Access Rights. Blue Prism gathers the current information and SailPoint automatically updates the records and user interfaces giving users visibility into what access a credential currently maintains, or request Access Rights be added or removed. The collection fields returned for ‘Get All Credentials’ for example, includes the credential name, description, expiry date, status (valid or invalid) and credential type.


The integration between Blue Prism and SailPoint helps, organizations maintain updated information about Blue Prism credentials, while ensuring that the access granted to these credentials is appropriate through SailPoint’s governance platform. The ability to disable or delete credentials quickly and accurately, while monitoring and auditing access, gives companies improved compliance reporting and full lifecycle management and security.

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