June 30, 2020

The success of an organisation is highly dependent on the satisfaction of its employees. Employee satisfaction comes not only in ensuring they have access to an HR solution, such as Aurion, to give them a strong start and drive continual employee engagement, but also ensuring they have timely access to the applications, systems and data necessary to perform their job.

However, the process of requesting and fulfilling approved access can be a challenging one. Many companies are using manual processes to handle these tasks which are time consuming and result in loss of user productivity and security risks. Some have turned to access management or single-sign on solutions which authenticate user’s access to your network and applications. While this is a step in the right direction, organisations are finding it’s not enough. To truly ensure access is authorised and aligns with security and compliance programs, they turn to identity governance. Identity governance goes beyond access management and focuses on granting and controlling access based on compliance-based policies – ensuring that users are authorised to only see and touch information within applications and file folders that are relevant to their job.

Integrating SailPoint identity governance with Aurion enables organisations to ensure user access is compliant starting day 1. By utilising access policies to automatically determine and control who gets access to what, organisations can ensure data privacy and compliance requirements are adhered to throughout a user’s tenure at the organisation.

How it Works

Using SailPoint’s extensibility capabilities, government organisations can connect to and utilise Aurion’s HR system as a source of truth to begin provisioning access from day 1. When changes are made within Aurion, such as role changes or terminations, they sync with SailPoint and access is automatically adjusted through the rest of the ecosystem. In addition, pre-defined policies, such as separation of duties, helps prevent toxic access combinations which can lead to fraud and theft of information. All access activity is then documented across the organisation and provides compliance auditors the necessary information needed to demonstrate andprove compliance.

By integrating SailPoint with Aurion, organisations can benefit in the following ways:

  • Day 1 Productivity – new hire account creation is automatically provisioned
  • Least Privilege – as user’s roles are changed within Aurion, access is proactively adjusted
  • Consistency – account attribute changes such as last name, email address, etc. are automatically synced with other applications and systems
  • A Secure ‘Good-bye’ – terminated employees, contractors and vendors automatically have their access deprovisioned in minutes not days or months
  • Confidence in Compliance – since everything is documented by the system, it’s easy to demonstrate access policy compliance to auditors

Additionally, by leveraging innovative AI and machine learning, organisations can proactively identify risky users and behavior, allowing them to start getting ahead of the ever-changing security curve.

SailPoint provides organisations complete visibility, control, and automation to ensure user access is authorised, entitlements are appropriate for their current job/role and access is frequently reviewed and certified to maintain a secure and compliant infrastructure.

SailPoint is a trusted identity governance solution to automate, simplify and certify access for onboarding, offboarding and everything in between.

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