Manually analyzing identity data to understand access rights and patterns is beyond human capability. And without a complete view and identity analytics, you just don’t get the information you need to make better business decisions quickly.

Big data meets identity. Sheer genius.

It’s time to rethink user access and turn large amounts of identity data into actionable insights.
Our AI-based access analysis gives you the intelligence and access visibility to transform your identity program into an even greater strategic resource. Discover, analyze and proactively reduce user access risk.
Tune into this webinar to learn how you can:

  • Use identity data to drive better access decisions and compliance
  • Track user access over time to show historical access patterns
  • Find out what access users should have versus what they actually have
  • Strategically plan for business transactions, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Find out how SailPoint can help your organization.

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