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AI STAT! Reduce Friction Between Clinicians and IT Security

Improve healthcare access and security through AI-driven Identity Security

Clinicians’ main priority will always be their patients. However, digital acceleration and continuous cyber-attacks warrant robust security controls. This talk will focus on how providers are solving their challenges by super charging their identity security strategies with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning capabilities. See demonstrations of how to get the most of AI for your organization and walk away with a strong understanding of how to:

  • Reduce the risk of exposing rapidly growing and vulnerable patient information through identity security.
  • Speed up clinician onboarding with correct and timely access in a least privileged Zero Trust model.
  • Arm clinicians with intelligent data to make faster and more accurate access decisions so they can spend more time focusing on their patients.
  • Empower C-Level staff with the insights needed to more cost effectively meet compliance requirements (HIPAA and 405(d), or PIPEDA).
  • Accelerate healthcare cloud transformation initiatives.

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