Find out how you can protect applications and unstructured data together with SailPoint’s unified identity governance approach.

Video Transcript

Welcome to this short informational video on using SailPoint to protect your unstructured data.

SailPoint is the industry leader for identity governance, and File Access Manager is the SailPoint service that provides identity governance for your unstructured data. This combination of rich governance features and powerful unstructured data analysis provides unified governance for files, applications, mainframes, databases, and any other endpoint that SailPoint supports.

Entitlement Reviews provide the oversight demanded by industry on all critical information that your business possesses, and at SailPoint our reviews target both applications and data.

Our SOD policies ensure that proper care is being taken so employees with certain roles and entitlements don’t have other conflicting roles and entitlements – and with SailPoint, these roles and entitlements can come from both applications and data.

In this manager review, our managers are being asked to review key access for their employees. This employee has access to critical line of business applications that are required to be reviewed on a regular basis.

This review also requires our managers to review access to critical files and filesystems, ensuring that your governance program has complete control over the sensitive information of your business.

Our reviews also integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide recommendations during the review process – recommendations on both key applications and sensitive data. In this case, we can see that this manager is in charge of users with a high degree of sensitive access. For her, access to this data is normal and so we recommend acceptance.

SailPoint’s unified platform gives you complete protection of applications and data in a single place, providing unified policies that mitigates risk, ensures compliance, and protects the sensitive information of your business wherever it resides.

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