Digital transformation has opened up opportunities for greater agility and growth in today’s modern enterprises. But it’s also introducing challenges. Digital transformation has introduced an explosion of cloud, applications, data, and users to manage. Being able to effectively control ‘who can have access to what’ is key and if not done properly can lead to potential risk to your business. 

To address this potential risk, organizations are embracing the power and ease of SailPoint Predictive Identity. This innovative identity platform takes the complexity out of identity; making it intuitive for IT staff to configure and manage and enabling business users with the access they need to get their work done.  

Delivered as a SaaS solution, it deploys rapidly and requires zero effort from your IT team to maintenance or update.  

With the power of AI and machine learning SailPoint Predictive learns and adapts as your organization changes, and provides recommendations to determine if access should be granted to users or not. You can ensure that every user has the access they need when they need it. 

This AI-driven platform helps organizations stay ahead of the security curve by proactively spotting risky users and access that pose potential threats. And, because it is always on, ensures you maintain a state of continuous compliance and are always audit-ready. 

Autonomous Identity

The pace of business is rapidly accelerating. This places a premium on efficiency gains and the ability to do more with less. SailPoint Predictive Identity enables this by providing IT staff the ability to: 

  • Safely automate identity activities using AI-driven recommendations. 
  • Certify and grant access rapidly and efficiently. 
  • Proactively identify risky access without having to manually search for it. 
  • As workers onboard, change roles or leave, ensure access is automatically adjusted or removed. 

Predictive Modeling 

Your business and IT environment is continuously evolving. Using the power of AI and machine learning you can ensure your identity program stays up-to-date helping you take a more proactive approach to governing access. 

  • Streamline access modeling efforts by quickly assessing identity data and recommending roles to be created with machine learning. 
  • Visualize, compare and verify how access is distributed across job roles, location, departments, managers, and apps. 
  • Use AI-driven models to ensure access policies stay up to date as your business changes. 

Adaptive Security 

SailPoint Predictive Identity extends deep throughout your IT infrastructure to collect and present you with informative insights that you can shape into new security policies. It does this by collecting and correlating rich identity data that you can take action upon from easy-to-read dashboards. 

  • Leverage peer group models to spot users with risky access. 
  • Incorporate AI-driven policies that adapt as your organizations changes. 
  • Get AI-driven recommendations to help you decide if access should be added or taken away. 

Continuous Compliance 

Drastically reduce the time and effort it takes to establish and maintain compliance. SailPoint Predictive Identity learns what actions, if any, an administrator takes in response to the insights provided and adapts recommendations accordingly. 

  • Stop certification rubber-stamping with AI recommendations that help business managers know if it is safe to approve access or not. 
  • Preempt audit issues by discovering and correcting those users who have questionable access. 
  • Always be audit-ready with in depth access history reports  that includes who, what, when and why. 

A Predictive Identity approach is foundational to a secure and compliant organization. By incorporating the benefits of AI and machine learning, you can be better equipped to meet the evolving challenges faced by digital transformation. Once your organization has realized the gains that come from a more streamlined and secure IT and business environment, you are empowered to be even more competitive, proactive, and responsive to market dynamics. 

Welcome to the future of identity. Welcome to the new world of adaptive security and continuous compliance. Welcome to SailPoint Predictive Identity

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