October 1, 2016

Over the past decade, healthcare provider organizations have faced ever increasing pressure to address regulatory compliance requirements. As challenging and time consuming as that can be, they must now also harden their systems to protect against fraud, insider abuse, and cyber-attacks. Healthcare organizations are required to implement comprehensive data security programs and face Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights audits to verify compliance with HIPAA’s Security Rule, Privacy Rule, and Breach Notification Rule.

A robust, structured identity governance and access management program is required to address these challenges. A comprehensive identity program can help healthcare organizations address the most important identity-driven security and privacy challenges, including:

Meet HIPAA and HITECH compliance audit requirements.

Create, manage and document information access policies as well as employees’ individual access rights.

Maximize operational efficiency.

Automate formerly manual processes for requesting, granting and provisioning access to needed resources.

Protect patient data.

Protect highly sensitive patient data, with many healthcare organizations citing this as a competitive differentiator.

Protect valuable IP.

Many academic medical centers have valuable IP that if exposed, would have catastrophic financial implications.

Maintain security during organizational change.

Mergers, acquisitions and the onboarding of new technologies create havoc for identity programs.

SailPoint offers robust and comprehensive identity and access management solutions that give healthcare organizations the visibility and control required to address security and privacy requirements for electronic health records and electronic protected health information (ePHI).

Stop Identity Ills Before They Happen

SailPoint’s next-generation identity governance solutions for compliance and user provisioning give healthcare organizations the ability to streamline access delivery and oversight for clinical, financial and back-office applications – from the datacenter to the cloud. SailPoint also provides out-of-the-box connectors to the most popular EMR solutions, such as Epic, Cerner, and GE Centricity.

With SailPoint, healthcare systems and organizations have the ability to deliver robust security and compliance benefits:

Gain visibility to who has access to what

SailPoint gathers identity data across all applications and resources, whether on-premises or in the cloud, providing centralized visibility into user access rights, and creating a governance foundation for establishing controls over that access.

Maintain control over access to sensitive applications and data

SailPoint provides a highly-extensible framework for defining and implementing both detective and preventive controls in the form of policies that govern user access requests, separation of duty (SoD) enforcement and access reviews.

Streamline access request and delivery

SailPoint’s self-service features empower users to request access within a governance framework that ensures they are authorized based on their role.

Manage complex user relationships

SailPoint provides a comprehensive identity model to fully manage and govern users and the multiple identities (or personas) common to healthcare organizations. For example, a practicing physician that also serves as a department head. SailPoint creates and maintains rich information about each persona to provide granular, nuanced control.

Maintain and demonstrate compliance

Healthcare organizations can use SailPoint solutions to reduce compliance costs while meeting the highest standards of corporate governance mandated by HIPAA, HITECH, PCI and SOX. SailPoint allows organizations to build a single framework for preventing and detecting access problems that support all identity processes.

SailPoint Can Help

While implementing identity governance is a daunting task, it’s not one that you must face alone. In addition to gaining the right supporters within your organization, SailPoint is poised to help your identity program succeed. We have helped hundreds of organizations just like yours migrate from older, legacy programs in addition to creating brand new systems where there were none before.

Trusted market leader. SailPoint is 100% focused on identity. You won’t find us dabbling in all aspects of security. We have deep roots in identity governance technology, implementations and best practices. We hire the best and brightest in our field, and with us, you get guidance and support from one of the strongest teams in the world

Consistently high user satisfaction. With a consistent customer satisfaction and retention rating of 95%+, we set the customer service standard for the identity industry. We are committed to providing a mutually-rewarding experience that extends throughout the relationship lifecycle.

Proven ROI. At SailPoint, we help our customers achieve measurable business results. As an example, a leading process manufacturer saved over $1 million by implementing SailPoint.

Extensive partner network. SailPoint builds strategic partnerships with companies around the world to ensure we have trained sales and delivery partners to best serve our customers.

Analyst validation. SailPoint has been recognized by top industry analysts for market leadership and technology innovation for multiple years. We are the largest and fastest-growing independent identity company in the world, with offices all over the world. See why.

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