The use of RPA and software bot saves time and money, but many are not secure without identity governance controlling what these technologies can access. Lou Bachenheimer with SailPoint Partner Blue Prism explains.

Video Transcript

Taylor Wiggins: Hello everyone, I’m Taylor Wiggins and welcome to Identity Talks. As we know robotic process automation also known as RPA and software bots are increasingly used to ease the cumbersome and costly manual processes of enterprises today. While the benefits of RPA is high, security and compliance are always top of mind. If these types of identities are not managed properly, bots can open an enterprise to potential threats. Today I’m with Blue Prism’s very own Lou Bachenheimer a SailPoint partner to discuss how RPAs and identity governance take a unified approach to efficiencies and security within an enterprise. Lou thanks for being here today.

Lou Bachenheimer: Happy to be here Taylor, thanks for having me.

Taylor Wiggins: I know our new normal with RPAs are a hot topic. What trends are you seeing in the market with RPAs? Can you walk me through why companies are gravitating towards RPAs to automate processes and what benefits are they gaining?

Lou Bachenheimer: Absolutely, well with the COVID pandemic lots of the basic components of what we consider work have changed. So in addition to working with nonprofits and providing free services and free licenses, Blue Prism is working with pretty much every industry out there to help in this new, new work world we live in. If you think about what Blue Prism offers, what RPA is, it’s a digital work force. So it’s digital employees that can work alongside your human employees to pick up the slack from where the people can’t be helping right now and where they need more help. The biggest area we’re probably seeing right now is gonna be around contact center because they have never been so much of a demand on contact centers and at the same time it’s really hard to have enough staff. 

Taylor Wiggins: And you know with companies gravitating towards RPAs how are they managing and securing those identities to pick up that slack that you know their human workforce isn’t able to get to?

Lou Bachenheimer: So that’s a great question and if you think about the identity governance for all of these new employees you’re bringing on, whether they’re human or digital, that’s definitely a concern in the world where everything is going digital. This is where the partnership with SailPoint comes in. Blue Prism does have its own secure credential manager that’s Veracode 5 certified but if you want to consider each one of those individual digital workers having credentials for each application, you might need to interact with the same way a human worker would, SailPoint can streamline and secure that entire process. 

Taylor Wiggins: That’s awesome. Well Lou thank you so much for walking me through that great explanation of what’s going on in the market and how enterprises are becoming more savvy and efficient with their digital transformations and bots. This is Identity Talks and thanks for watching.

Lou Bachenheimer: Thanks for having me.

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