November 4, 2021

Technology capabilities continue to explore uncharted waters, and compliance regulations remain right behind them. The complexities that make cybersecurity not just viable, but necessary in today’s digital landscape are the same complexities that put you at risk to a myriad of threats. Audits are stigmatized because of their severity and invasiveness, but it’s that same diligence that makes you feel confident that your data is protected. These are the benefits of a cybersecurity audit.

What is a Cybersecurity Audit?

A cybersecurity audit is a holistic analysis of the level of protection around your data infrastructure. The information you’ll pull from this process will include threats, vulnerabilities, weak links in your security structures, and practices that are putting you at higher risk. Using specific standards rolled out by compliance experts, these audits will measure your level of protection against what is considered baseline protection.

Five Cybersecurity Audit Benefits

Running a cybersecurity audit isn’t just about passing a compliance test. There are specific benefits to your business that most don’t think about when they’re deciding whether it’s time for an audit. Besides reducing downtime and saving money lost in the event of a cyberattack, here are 5 benefits you can look forward to.

1) Ensure Your Data is Protected

A lot of companies make the mistake of assuming their proprietary data is protected. Having a cadence for auditing things like network access control, encryption use, transmissions, and other highly sensitive activities ensures that the mechanisms used to breach these systems are doing their jobs. Just because you haven’t been the victim of a cybersecurity attack doesn’t mean you’re not at risk, and regular audits are the only way to be certain they’re not coming.

2) View Operations from A New Angle

While pulling the curtain back on your digital security, you’re also getting a unique glimpse into how your business operations are running. An in-depth analysis of your infrastructure gives you the information necessary to optimize not just cybersecurity, but the entirety of your operations. A 3rd party audit gives you an even more unbiased view, and an opportunity to become even more honest about what could be improved.

3) Identify Gaps in Your Protection

When you’re deciding which cybersecurity solution is best for you, it’s important to understand what your specific issues are. Surfacing those gaps in coverage gives you the unique information needed to customize an approach that best serves your needs.

4) Stay Ahead of Regulations

Regulations aren’t going anywhere. Data will continue to drive our industries, and protecting that data will remain a priority going forward. The longer you wait to take a hard look at your security systems, the more you’re falling behind on the policies that protect your business—and not just from security threats. Compliance penalties can result in hefty fines that cut into your bottom line.

5) Use Recommendations to Improve

An external audit allows you to get fresh, expert eyes on the entirety of your business. This unbiased assessment—coupled with your willingness to accept objective analysis—takes the pressure off understanding the intricacies of your security needs. An expert does this work for you, and subsequently recommends compliant solutions that protect you against threats specific to your business.

Staying Audit-Ready

The benefits of staying audit-ready are just as advantageous as receiving the actual audit. But staying audit-ready takes diligence, commitment, and time that you don’t have. That’s why investing in a cloud-based solution can help you stay consistently compliant while saving you from spending resources on internal upkeep. By implementing access policies within a cloud identity governance system, you can take your hands off the wheel while the system maintains the shifting landscape of who needs access to what.

Final Thoughts

Technology is evolving, and so are its threats. The more you automate your access control systems, the less pressure you’ll feel when the time comes for a cybersecurity audit. SailPoint can provide identity governance tools that keep you abreast with the changing compliance landscape while maintaining data security for you. Learn more about how SailPoint can help you comply with global government regulations.

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