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AI Drives Identity Security

How AI can enhance your Identity Security Program

The way we do business is changing and so is the Identity Security landscape. With a mix of technologies at our fingertips and applications that are more diverse than ever, new platforms, data sets and cloud services are arising at an unprecedented pace. In today’s new world you can’t do business without technology. You can’t do technology without Identity Security.

Join SailPoint’s Principal Solution Consultant Eric Pelletier, to see how AI drives Identity Security faster, deeper, and more securely. You will walk away learning about how AI can:

  • Increase velocity, accuracy and revocation rates for Access Certifications
  • Spotlight risk — Flag high risk users so you can take action
  • Redefine the access the request process with intelligent recommendations
  • Define roles faster and EVOLVE the ones you have
  • Extend visibility into AWS, Azure & GCP for a complete governance capability
Meet the Speakers

Eric Pelletier
Principal Solution Consultant

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