How secure is the data in your Epic EHR?

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If you’re like most healthcare provider organizations, you have hundreds or even thousands of applications containing sensitive data. Identity governance is the only way to consistently control access to that information across your clinical systems. It also increases efficiencies and reduces errors that can lead to a breach.


providers have fully functioning cybersecurity 1


view insiders an equal or greater threat than outsiders 2

SailPoint identity governance uses a bidirectional Epic API to:

  • Integrate the EHR into compliance and lifecycle processes without the need for custom development
  • Improve productivity for new hires and transfers by automating access right changes to the EHR
  • Mitigate risk of regulatory non-compliance by automatically enforcing access policies and processes

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Recognized by top analyst firms as the leading authority in identity governance, SailPoint is the choice for healthcare provider organizations throughout the U.S.

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