Did You Know Most Patient Data Breaches Come From the Inside?

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The numbers are staggering

Six out of 10 healthcare data breaches are caused by people with authorized access to applications and files. 1 These “insider" breaches put sensitive data at risk, and potentially pose a significant threat to patient care.


healthcare staff willing to sell patient data 2


view insiders an equal or greater threat than outsiders 3

High quality care goes beyond simply caring for a patient’s physical health. It means ensuring the well-being and security of their sensitive data as well. Securing and monitoring insider access to that data through identity management is the best way to strengthen your security vulnerabilities.

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At a busy facility, data breaches can occur by simple human error. But what many IT security professionals may be surprised to learn from a new Accenture survey, is that 18% of healthcare workers reported that they would be willing to sell sensitive data to unauthorized users.

And on average, those willing to sell sensitive health information would do so for less than $1,000.

These shocking statistics indicate it’s no longer enough to secure your IT infrastructure by keeping external threats at bay. The information security gap continues to widen as the threat from within grows.

With identity governance, hospitals and other health services organizations can put controls in place to better monitor and protect patients and their data.

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