Protect your collaboration tools from cybercriminals.

As bad actors look for ways to steal or block corporate data, collaboration tools have become prime targets. With stolen credentials they can log in to Zoom, Slack or Microsoft Teams and access confidential information that’s being shared.  

That’s why identity management is such a critical component of secure collaboration. With SailPoint, you can control access to your collaboration tools according to the security policies you set. This means that workers, contractors, and partners only get the access they need — nothing more. And with 24×7 self-service, they can quickly reset their passwords or request access to additional collaboration tools, as needed.

  • Automatically provision users with the right collaboration tools
  • Avoid incorrect or over-permissioning that can lead to security risk
  • Reduce the strain on IT eliminating manual processes

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“We have more than 10,000 users in 800 retail stores. We were able to shift from meeting in-person to Zoom virtual meetings in just six days thanks to SailPoint’s built-in automation.”

— SailPoint Global Retail Customer

How does identity governance for collaboration work?

SailPoint’s integration with collaboration tools gives you complete visability into who has access to what and allows you to adjust or remove access as needed. So whether you use Slack, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Aha! or Atlassian, you can provide a secure collaborative environment across your entire organization.

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