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Lower costs by securely optimizing IT systems

As digital transformation projects reach maturity, many organizations are embracing cloud-based solutions to modernize IT infrastructures to drive operational efficiencies.

Improving efficiency through identity security

To reduce downtime and lower IT implementation costs, digital transformation teams should consider identity security solutions that can:

  • Improve patient engagement and outcomes
  • Drive adoption of cloud initiatives
  • Reduce the per capita cost of healthcare
  • Securely improve care coordination
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68% of healthcare organizations reported that digital transformation projects were a significant catalyst for cloud adoption.1

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Streamline innovation with digital transformation

Strategic digital initiatives can help healthcare identify IT solutions to facilitate preventative care, improve data sharing to drive clinical productivity, and operationalize IT adoption and utilization to lower cost and drive transparency, all while securely improving care coordination.

With the adoption of new technologies and the growth of the IoT, there is an urgency for digital transformation leaders to know:
Who has access to what?
Should they have access?
How are they using their access?

4 out of 5 clinicians use their mobile devices to assist in their day-to-day practice of patient care.2

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Reshaping healthcare with cloud technologies

Why does identity security matter? As organizations rely more heavily on cloud technologies, having automated, scalable AI-driven IAM solutions that can intelligently meet compliance requirements will be essential for digital innovation.

What percentage of US-based clinicians use a mobile device in patient care?

Identity security: a cost-effective way to improve data sharing

To deliver on digital transformation and drive digital innovation, many healthcare organizations have turned to enterprise applications and the cloud (AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform) to:

  • Discover access across infrastructures
  • Protect, manage, and reduce credential risk within critical infrastructure, devices, and applications
  • Govern and automate access to infrastructure
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What percentage of healthcare organizations adopted cloud technologies as part of digital transformation initiatives?

Are identity security tasks draining your IT resources?

Automated identity security can reduce call time by hundreds of minutes per person — and hundreds of hours across the organization.

  • How much is manual identity security costing your organization annually?

The information provided is for general understanding and guidance only. Actual results could be materially different.

On average, users wait more than 550 minutes per year for the help desk to correctly provision or change access. Automated identity reduces the wait to 120 minutes.3

Identity provisioning: a cost-effective way to improve digital security

Identity security is essential for successfully managing mission-critical applications and platforms. To reduce preventable medical errors, improve care coordination and drive operational efficiencies, healthcare organizations must embrace digital transformation to modernize and innovate.

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Explore how identity security tackles challenges across the organization

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