Clinical Workflow Manager


Securely manage clinical productivity for multiple roles per single identity

Healthcare companies leverage vast quantities of sensitive data to drive operational efficiencies for clinical outcome improvements. In a hospital environment, a number of identities need differentiation in terms of:

  • Roles
  • Responsibilites
  • Privileges
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Staffing, workloads, and trends

To meet patient needs and organization priorities, clinical workflow managers are responsible for managing access to various EMR modules and clinical apps, improving clinical productivity workflows and staffing levels, and anticipating clinical workloads and access trends.

Clinical managers need to quickly understand:
Who has access to what?
Should they have access?
How are they using their access?

So why does identity security matter?

Automated IAM solutions help meet clinical productivity goals and secure information on- and off-premises by enabling care coordination and collaboration, ensuring compliance, and securing and controlling access to ePHI data wherever it resides.

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Compared to IAM solutions, how much more does manual provisioning cost?

Manual helpdesk identity administration costs 3.6 times more than automated IAM.1

How much does creating and managing identities cost your business?

Find out how individual provisioning costs compile daily and annually across roles.

  • How is this calculated?

    How much is delayed provisioning costing your organization daily?

    How much could manual identity provision cost your organization annually?


The information provided is for general understanding and guidance only. Actual results could be materially different.

Identity provisioning: a cost-effective way to securely improve workflows

Cloud technologies bring more platforms, apps, devices, infrastructure, and complex identities to manage.

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What are the major causes of information theft and breaches?

Unauthorized access and disclosure incidents were the second largest cause of data breaches, representing nearly 29% of incidents involving more than 11% of all records breached.2

Explore how identity security tackles challenges across the organization

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