SailPoint acquires ERP Maestro

SailPoint, the leader in identity security for the cloud enterprise, is extending its identity security Separation of Duties (SoD) controls monitoring with the acquisition of ERP Maestro, a SaaS governance, risk, and compliance solution.

This pairing will help shut down the siloed approach that many companies typically find themselves in: managing SoD monitoring and controls for sensitive business systems, such as ERP, separately from their identity security program. By integrating the two, SailPoint is able to provide a comprehensive Access Risk Management solution that reduces gaps in risk visibility across the entirety of workers’ access needs across all applications and data.

In addition, organizations will be able to closely monitor for overlapping, conflicting or inappropriate access in business applications (like SAP) by spotting and preventing access risks that can lead to fraud or breach of sensitive data. Providing the right access—while ensuring access privileges also don’t conflict—is paramount to reducing access risk brought on by overlapping access privileges to these systems.

This acquisition shows our commitment to our customers; we are continually innovating to meet their evolving needs. Once ERP Maestro’s capabilities are fully-integrated into SailPoint’s Identity Platform, our customers will have a single view into the entirety of a workers’ access needs across all applications and data, helping to identify and mitigate potentially conflicting access, particularly within high-value business applications and systems.

Read the press release or learn more about the acquisition.