The power of successful regulatory compliance.

“We’re able to sleep at night, knowing that we have all the IT controls in place to make a swift change in user access as needed if something shifts in our workforce.”

— Atul Sood, General Manager of Architecture for TAL



TAL, Australia’s largest life insurer, was looking for a way to streamline their onboarding and off-boarding processes while providing much stronger control over access. Given the industry in which they operate, they also needed the ability to proactively address regulatory compliance.

The challenge

TAL set out to reduce the time and effort required to manage access controls for 1800+ identities across 200+ applications while simultaneously addressing compliance needs.

The solution

  • Assign user roles within the company
  • Improve compliance efforts
  • Streamline joiner-mover-leaver processes

The results

With SailPoint, TAL can confidently move their business forward, ensuring that they are compliant with industry regulations while managing all their identities and allowing them to be productive on their first day. The power of identity gave TAL the ability to focus on what they do best – protecting the families of Australians across the country – securely and confidently.

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