The power to streamline costly processes.

“We will achieve significant ROI in a year and a half. After that, we’ll save $180,000 each and every year since SailPoint’s licensing and maintenance contracts are so much more affordable.”

— Ronald Shuck, Global Computing Security Manager, Spirit AeroSystems


Spirit Aerosystems

The team at Spirit AeroSystems needed to replace their antiquated security management system. When an internal audit showed a lack of access certifications, they knew they needed to upgrade.

The challenge

Overhauling a security program is no small feat. Spirit began reviewing their options, and implementing SailPoint for their front-end operations. Through collaboration, the goals and objectives were set and projects began.

The solution

  • Create an end-user-friendly program
  • Manage identity lifecycles effectively
  • Continue using the current systems and tools

The results

This was a large-scale enterprise security overhaul, and SailPoint made it successful. Through custom integrations to accommodate Spirit’s core systems, the solution was tailor-made to fit the needs of the company. Manual processes were completely eliminated, and IT’s work-flow made much more efficient. Thanks to the power of identity, Spirit achieved ROI in a year and a half, and saw significant cost savings per year.

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