Sacramento Municipal Utility District: Safely and Securely Enabling Their Workforce

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) is a community-owned power company in Northern California known for its innovative energy programs. To keep up with the changing IT landscape, this forward-thinking organization needed an identity program to gain visibility into their employee’s access to applications and sensitive data.

The Process:

SMUD’s immediate need called for a solution that could automatically enable and disable employee access, as well as eliminate the paper processes involved with onboarding employees and requesting access to applications. Unstructured data was a growing concern, and after an audit finding, it became more pressing to find a comprehensive governance solution.

  • Improve the overall security posture of the organization by managing user access privileges
  • Increase operational efficiency by automating manual processes
  • Comply with regulatory compliance requirements by extending identity governance to unstructured data
How Identity

Leveraging SailPoint IdentityIQ and SecurityIQ, SMUD has automated its identity processes and now monitors employee access to applications and systems. They also have visibility into where their sensitive files reside, and which employees are accessing this data.

“The flexibility of IdentityIQ is what makes it such a powerful tool, and something we haven’t had access to before.”

John Peters, Senior Enterprise Infrastructure Specialist, Sacramento Municipal Utility District