Sanofi’s Identity Program Secures Users Across the Globe


Sanofi is a healthcare company based in Paris with over 100,000 employees conducting business in 170 countries around the world.

The Process:

Sanofi knew that in order to continue growing and scaling they needed they needed an identity governance program to secure the enterprise. Their manual processes created lag times for onboarding and offboarding creating inefficiencies for IT and end users.

  • Harmonize and automate onboarding and offboarding access
  • Secure employee access to applications
  • Comply in a highly regulated industry
How Identity

Sanofi turned to SailPoint to help them build an identity program that could scale at the rate the business required. Sanofi has now automated onboarding and offboarding for 100,000 employees which helps them demonstrate their compliant environment.

“SailPoint’s market leadership is why we partnered with them on our identity governance program. Their expertise and guidance connecting our global users safely and securely has been invaluable.”

Christophe Vernant, Global Head of Identity and Access Management, Sanofi