Automated identity for accuracy and compliance.

“Before SailPoint was implemented, some records contained inaccurate information due to manual data entry.”

— Ricardo Zeviani, Information Security Superintendent, Orizon

The challenge

Around 1,100 users require access to over 40 systems containing sensitive and confidential information for 13 million people. To comply with audit requirements and prepare for the Data Protection General Law (LGPD) effective August 2020, Orizon needed comprehensive identity management of user access to all applications and personal records.



Orizon handles payments and authorizations for 43 healthcare insurance companies throughout Brazil. This entails processing more than 150 million transactions annually.

The solution

  • Improve organizational security by managing user access privileges
  • Reduce the operating errors caused by manual processes
  • Comply with all regulatory compliance requirements

The results

With SailPoint, Orizon has ensured governance for more than 50 applications through an individualized, documented, controlled and monitored process that provides greater information security across their enterprise.

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