Leading Innovation in Banking by Securing Users & Files

“If you don’t tighten controls around unauthorized access, you are opening up the potential for risk. With SailPoint, we have mitigated financial and security risk to the business by knowing who has access to applications and files.”

— Louise van Schalkwyk, Head: Centre for Access Governance at Nedbank

The challenge

Security was becoming a burden. Layering legacy and mainframe solutions over more recent digital technology was becoming laborious to manage and created inefficiencies that left room for potential risk. Providing access to users was complex and the demand on IT resources became unbearable. When the situation was elevated to the leadership team, identity governance at Nedbank became a high priority.


Nedbank is one of the four largest banking groups in South Africa offering wholesale and retail banking services and was one the first banks on the African continent to implement internet banking. Their strong focus on digital security has helped them achieve one of the lowest internet banking fraud rates among their competitors.

The solution

  • Support the bank’s digital transformation with an identity governance solution that grows with the company
  • Reduce burden on IT staff granting and certifying access
  • Provide users quicker time to access to applications and data

The results

Nedbank joined forces with SailPoint to build a modern identity governance program. They have increased the overall awareness of identity governance throughout the organization and provide safe and secure access to over 33,000 people. Automating their identity program has reduced the burden on IT staff and allowed them to reallocate full-time employees that were managing the helpdesk and access requests to other security priorities. They have also been able to achieve day-one productivity for employees, where it previously took 6 weeks to onboard new hires.

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