The power to balance security with convenience.

Molina streamlined their IAM processes across dozens of application and more than 20,000 employees.


Molina Healthcare

Molina Healthcare came to SailPoint with the need to achieve balance between security and convenience for their 20,000 employees. They needed to better manage user access across their organization without employees having too many initial hoops to jump through or leaving policies too lenient.

The challenge

With dozens of applications and 20,000 employees, Molina needed to streamline their processes, all while ensuring they are compliant with the many healthcare regulations they face in their industry.

The solution

  • Speed up the claims process
  • Secure highly sensitive patient data
  • Eliminate manual processes through automation

The results

With self-service access requests, the manual processes Molina had to undergo to provide access prior to implementation were eliminated and granting access is now a much more streamlined  process. Claims processing is a large part of Molina’s business, and so speeding up this process has provided a great value to the business while also granting IT insight into who has access to what and ensuring users have the right access to the right data at the right time.

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