The Power to Balance Security with Convenience


Molina Healthcare came to SailPoint with the need to achieve balance between security and convenience for their 20,000 employees. They needed to better manage user access across their organization without employees having too many initial hoops to jump through or leaving policies too lenient.

The Process:

With dozens of applications and 20,000 employees, Molina needed to streamline their processes, all while ensuring they are compliant with the many healthcare regulations they face in their industry.

  • Speed up the claims process
  • Secure highly sensitive patient data
  • Eliminate manual processes through automation
How Identity

Molina Healthcare was able to eliminate manual processes and create a user-friendly process for both the employee and the patient. With SailPoint, IT was able to operate successfully without sacrificing user experience. By reducing pain-points all around, from business to customer, the power of identity enabled Molina Healthcare to operate efficiently and securely in their business.

Molina streamlined their IAM processes across dozens of application and more than 20,000 employees.