Working smarter using a governance-based approach.

“Onboarding employees is a much faster process and was a huge win for the organization.”

— Holland Casino Identity Coordinator


Holland Casino

Holland Casino is a government-owned gaming and entertainment provider in the Netherlands that has over 4,600 employees and contractors. Managing employee access to applications and data was manually done using spreadsheets by a single person. As the company grew, this became time consuming, leaving the organization subject to errors and greater risk.

The challenge

Holland Casino needed a solution that automated their identity policies, ensuring employees had the proper authorizations for their job role, access was available on day one of employment, and revoked immediately after leaving the organization. Holland Casino also wanted to extend their identity governance strategy to include unstructured data, as the volume of files and lack of visibility was a growing concern.

The solution

  • Reduce manual identity processes, improving operational efficiency for IT staff
  • Map employee authorization to applications and data based on job roles
  • Extend visibility to unstructured data and govern access to file shares

The results

SailPoint has given Holland Casino the ability to accurately view their employee organization and each person’s access. Job roles were set up to map employees with the exact access they need to do their jobs successfully, creating a more efficient onboarding process. Administrators workloads have drastically improved, and the audit team now sees a yearly report instead of an excel file.

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