Reduce risks and strengthen security.

“With SailPoint, we can automatically review access for all our users in one place, instead of opening up each application separately. We’ve also been able to reduce the time it takes to provide system access by 80%.”

— Bart Ludwig, Manager, Identity & Access Management, Finning



Finning is the world’s largest Caterpillar dealer, selling and renting Caterpillar equipment and providing parts and service to its customers.

The challenge

Finning’s identity and access management processes grew organically and were no longer sustainable for 13,000 employees. They were using a lot of manual processes, which were time consuming and error prone.

The solution

  • Provide complete visibility into user access
  • Automate processes to drive efficiency
  • Use audit trails to demonstrate compliance

The results

Finning has gained the visibility and control they need to ensure that users have only the appropriate access. With SailPoint, they now have automated provisioning to onboard, offboard and manage identities in their environment. This has improved user experience and reduced access approval time by 80%. And by automating the certification process, the days of tracking users and application owners by spreadsheets are a thing of the past.

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