Move beyond legacy identity with SailPoint.

“From a technology perspective we are now state-of-the-art. After we went live, we stopped having identity management system outages. I think that’s essential for the City — everything works all the time.”

— Gretchen Grozier, project manager for identity and access management, City of Boston


City of Boston

The City of Boston is the largest metro area in New England servicing a population of over 8.2 million.

The challenge

The City of Boston’s identity program was operating on a partially completed Oracle IDM infrastructure. A lot of customization had been done which meant upgrades were too difficult to complete and the product was nearing end of life support. Outages and a lack of dedicated staff had the City looking for a secure and stable identity governance platform.

The solution

  • Enhance the user experience by empowering end users
  • Minimize the duplication of effort through streamlined provisioning & deprovisioning
  • Improve the security posture through effective and efficient identity lifecycle management, access control & account auditing

The results

The City of Boston now automatically provisions and de-provisions user accounts. When employees leave or have a change in job role, access is automatically updated accordingly reducing manual processes. Users can now visit their Access Boston Portal for all of their access request and approval needs. Since migrating their legacy system to SailPoint, the City’s identity infrastructure is much more stable, and they no longer experience outages.

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