ABN AMRO: Enhancing Security with Centralized Identity Governance


ABN AMRO is the 26th largest bank in Europe and headquartered in Amsterdam. The company is the product of a long history of mergers and acquisitions that date back to 1775.

The Process:

As the product of a series of mergers and acquisitions, ABN AMRO had various homegrown and legacy systems proving it difficult to provide a single view of the employees accessing them. They knew in order to gain control of their IT environment and provide access in a safe and secure way, they needed to strengthen their identity program.

  • Build a centralized view of access across business units
  • Provide an enhanced experience for employees interacting with IT systems
  • Enable heightened security for high-risk accounts
How Identity

ABN AMRO leveraged SailPoint as the foundation for their identity governance program, bringing disparate systems and applications under a single view. Providing access based on job functions allows them to automate access to systems and data on day one, reducing the lengthy communication and time needed prior to grant access. Their investment in CyberArk and SailPoint is paving the way for reducing potential risk for privileged access within the organization.

“We set out to provide secure and hassle-free access for our users. With SailPoint, we’re confident our program will stand the test of time, evolving as the business requirements change down the road.”

Jochem de Ru, Product Owner, ABN AMRO