Identity is Everything

Identity Gives You the Power to Protect

Your users are your best assets and your worst threats. For your company data to be secure, and your users to be productive, protecting those identities is everything.

Access or Exposure

Your organization has millions of points of access, with each representing a point of exposure.

Excess Access

You need to know “who has access to what.”


Granting, certifying and terminating user access is a tedious, manual process.


records stolen in 2015


of breaches are caused by insiders

Secure It. Manage It.

Put Identity First

Embrace user-centric security to mitigate the risk of data breaches.

See Everything

See all the information – apps, users, data, access – so you can make the right security decisions.

Be Proactive

Put prevention and detection controls in place.

See How Identity Empowers You to Prevent Data Breaches


Identity is Everything


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