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Yapı Kredi Improves Performance & Efficiency Through Enhanced Identity Security

Yapı Kredi is the third-largest private bank in Turkey and has been experiencing fragmented identity processes. Because of this, they decided to review its identity and authorization infrastructure.

In the past, Yapı Kredi had different teams operating in siloes. This inevitably stretched the organization and drove it to reorganize its overall structure. The identity and access management (IAM) program incorporated different aspects designed to overcome the challenges posed by the bank’s fragmented identity and authorization processes.

Yapı Kredi positioned its IAM program as part of a broader organizational change initiative, not simply a product implementation and systems integration process. This project has improved the bank’s overall performance, with the new system offering automated certification processes and being more user-friendly. Yapı Kredi performs millions of authorization reviews each year and has increased the rate it completes user certifications on time from 65% to 98%. While it previously took the bank 60 to 70 days a year to manage the certification process, this requirement has now been reduced to zero thanks to automation. Other vital benefits included improved efficiency and simplified security management thanks to a significant decrease in the complexity of identity security.

To learn more about the success Yapı Kredi had with SailPoint and İHS Teknoloji’s consulting, visit the entire case study here.