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6 Must-Read Articles for World Password Day

Passwords. We need them for just about everything today. Yet, do we really think about them very much other than to mindlessly type them in when asked to log in? And by ‘think about them,’ I mean – are you regularly updating them, making them unique, avoiding duplicating them across applications? With World Password Day approaching, why not make it part of your morning routine to go through and sanitize those passwords? Before you do that, go ahead and take a peek at some of these blog posts first – they are full of tips, tricks, and myth-busters to ensure your next password isn’t crackable in .02 seconds.

World Password Day: Let’s Play a Game of Fact or Fiction

Think you know all there is to know about passwords? See if you can pass the test with this game of password fact or fiction from our CTO and CISO Darran Rolls.

Your Password (Strategy) is Incorrect, Please Try Again

Passwords are a vital part of the security posture for most companies, yet they are fraught with risk. This standard method of authentication isn’t going away anytime soon, so here’s how you can shift your strategy to empower your employees while improving your security posture.

Poor Password Hygiene is Putting Your Enterprise at Risk

37% of respondents to SailPoint’s Market Pulse Survey cited password hygiene as a big factor in their organization’s overall risk profile. Read on to find out how identity helps address this issue.

The Domino Effect: A Step by Step Guide to Keeping Identity Safe Online for Businesses

Remember the Dropbox breach? It all started with a password. But despite the recent headline-grabbing proclamation from the man who created a ‘bible’ on password security that his advice was “wrong”, we are not giving up on passwords. Here’s a step-by-step guide for businesses to guide them through putting preventive measures in place to stop the ‘domino effect’ from taking hold.

The Things I Taught My Mother About Password Safety

Password security doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether you need some easy tips for yourself or are trying to explain passwords over the phone to your mother, this list from our CTO and CISO is for you.

Five years later: Have you changed your LinkedIn password yet?

When a data breach happens do you immediately change your passwords? Many people don’t, and the LinkedIn breach showed this to be true. This is yet another example of the “domino effect” that breaches can have across multiple Internet services – and it shows that people still aren’t learning their basic security lessons.