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World Backup Day 2023

According to Backblaze, 21% of people have never made a backup, which is way too low if you ask us. Today, the identity security community celebrates World Backup Day, and this holiday aims to educate individuals against data loss and data theft. But let’s start with the basics.

What is a backup?

A backup is a copy of all your important files — for example, your family photos, sensitive work documents, and emails. Instead of storing it all in one place (like your computer or smartphone), you keep a copy of everything somewhere safe. Backing up your files is crucial for data protection. A regular data backup—preferably daily or weekly—saves your essential files from inevitable data loss due to everyday events such as a system crash, malware infection, hard drive corruption, failure, etc.

What’s the goal of World Backup Day?

The holiday aims to spread awareness about protecting sensitive digital information as we’ve become more reliant on technology.

How can I celebrate?

By backing up your data! If you haven’t already, invest in an external hard drive USB stick or purchase some space in the cloud. While you’re waiting for your file transfer to reach 100%, take a moment to plan out your next big data dump. Because, let’s face it, one day a year isn’t nearly enough.

At SailPoint, the best offense is a good defense. So, even if you celebrate World Backup Day (hopefully more regularly), it’s important to have multiple security controls in place to ensure your data is safe. Learn more on how to protect your and your organization’s data.