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Women in Identity Security: Kaylee Reardon, Inside Account Executive

If you’ve ever used a swiss army knife, you know it has many different functions. That’s like SailPoint’s Kaylee Reardon, inside account executive, strategic enterprise, she can do it all. With a background in non-profit and software industries, she honed her skills in sales, fundraising, recruiting, hiring, training, client relations, account management and event planning. So, it’s no wonder that we wanted to sit down with Kaylee for our Women in Identity blog to learn more about her experiences and what influences her as a woman in the identity security industry.

Question 1: Tell us a little about yourself and your career journey.

My career journey didn’t take the path I envisioned, and I am so thankful for that! I grew up as a fourth-generation farmer in the Midwest and found my passion in fine art photography in high school. I moved to Texas to pursue a degree in photography, and while attending college I worked at the fundraising call center on campus. This part-time job led me to a career in fundraising for higher education institutions. Fast forward a decade, I took a leap of faith and entered SaaS sales. With this career shift, I joined SailPoint as a part of the Inside Sales team under Katie Bucur. Even though my career didn’t take the path I planned, I couldn’t be more thrilled with where I am today. I was once told to be open to opportunities that didn’t “fit my plan” and it has been the best advice I have received.

Question 2: What do you think your career will look like in 10 years? Do you expect to see more women leaders in the field?

As I look forward to the next 10 years, I want to be a champion for women as they look to move into leadership roles or advance their leadership titles/responsibilities. I am where I am today because of the women who have come before me and mentored me along the way. I want to continue to pay it forward by lifting other women up and helping them reach their dreams. 

Question 3: Who are some of the women that have impacted you in your career (and/or influenced direction/decisions you’ve made professionally)? Why?

The first woman to impact my career was my mother. She never took the path that was outlined for her but paved her own instead. She is now a world-renowned expert in her field and takes every opportunity to give back to others. Today, I have found numerous female mentors within SailPoint who champion my success and continue to help me pave my own path.

Question 4: Who do you follow on social media or what groups are you part of that positively influence your career as a Woman in Identity?

I follow Brené Brown and love her philosophy on daring leadership. Her newest podcast, Dare to Lead, has been a staple for my weekly podcast listening, and I highly recommend it!