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What is the SailPoint Identity Hub?

We get it, identity security can be confusing. With so much information readily available, it’s hard to discern what information is accurate, and what information is trustworthy. That’s why we have created the Identity Hub

SailPoint’s Identity Hub was created with one goal in mind: to deliver the go-to place for identity security education and thought leadership. No matter your level of expertise—identity security practitioner, business executive, enterprise board member—through the Identity Hub we aim to provide insights into the ever-evolving identity landscape.  

Through various mediums, the content in the hub will meet you where you are and help you take your security knowledge to the next level. 

In the Identity Hub, you can expect to find things like: 

  • Thought-provoking leadership insights  
  • Customer stories and tangible use cases of identity done right 
  • Informative research (think: reports, interactive eBooks, surveys) 
  • Identity security tools like our maturity assessment 

But equally important is what you will not find in the Identity Hub; this is not a place we intend to advocate for SailPoint. Instead, we are focused on discussing new technologies, sharing best practices and learnings from experts, and most importantly equip identity security practitioners with the knowledge and resources to advance their security journey to the next Horizon.  

Ready to level-up your identity security program? The Identity Hub has got you covered.