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Welcome to the Future

It has been a whirlwind of activity at SailPoint these last few weeks. We wrapped up our annual Navigate conference in Austin two weeks ago, giving me a chance to connect with many of our customers, partners and prospects. It also gave me the distinct honor of formally unveiling our vision for the future of identity – SailPoint Predictive Identity – during my keynote on day one. During that session, with the help of ‘Nigel,’ our version of Siri or Alexa, I outlined just what we mean when we say that the future of identity will be predictive, automated, continuous and adaptive. These are words that identity practitioners don’t normally associate with identity governance. The energy in the room was palpable, and that energy reverberated over the course of the three-day event.

On the heels of Navigate, I joined my fellow SailPoint Crew members in National Harbor, Maryland for Gartner’s Security & Risk Management Summit. While there, I had the opportunity to moderate a fireside chat with two of our customers. During that session, we covered their identity journey with SailPoint, lessons learned and where and how they plan to extend their identity programs in the next year or so.

Before we kicked-off, I took the opportunity to conduct a quick informal poll of the audience, asking the following question:

 “Do you anticipate AI and ML will play an important role in evolving and streamlining identity governance processes in the next 12-18 months?”

The response to the poll was spot-on – more than 50% of those in the room acknowledged that yes, AI and ML enablement will play an integral role in shaping, evolving and streamlining their identity programs in the next year or more.

This data point backs up what we at SailPoint have known for quite some time: for companies to take their identity programs to the next level, they need to be able to automate where they can, driving down the need for users to manually interact with IGA processes. This will also unlock considerable value by enabling continuous compliance, adaptive security and predictive modeling. Allowing AI and ML to free identity practitioners up to focus on areas of high risk drives a more secure and efficient digital transformation initiative across the organization. Not only that, but it gives more organizations the chance to fully embrace identity governance. This predictive approach, one that offers up AI-enabled recommendations, anticipating user access needs in a dynamic way, allows for much quicker time-to-value right out of the gate. This alone can be a big barrier to entry for some companies, particularly those without an identity team or resources on-staff.

While it sounds like I’m describing a future state that is months or years away, this new world of identity is here. To paint a clear picture for each of you, over the next few weeks on the blog, I will be exploring specific use cases that SailPoint Predictive Identity can enable. So, make yourself at home as I act as your tour guide for this new identity future where SailPoint Predictive Identity is the next generation of cloud identity.