Tricker-Tweet: Identity Security 101 in 11 Tweets

What is Identity Security? You’ve heard the phrase, read long jargony articles about it, but you still aren’t quite clear on what it means. You’re in luck! Below we described identity security in 11 bite-sized tweets.

  • Identity security (also known as identity governance and identity management) protects against cyber threats associated with providing technology access to a diverse workforce. 📲 Click to tweet.
  • In today’s digital world, an identity can be human and even non-human such as machines and bots. 📲 Click to tweet.
  • Identity governance ensures the right identities – human or non-human – have the right access, within the right applications, at exactly the right time. 📲 Click to tweet.
  • Identity security goes deeper than access management. Access management says, “yes, give this person access” while identity security provides the policy and controls that dictate who should have access to what and why. 📲Click to tweet.
  • Identity security puts an emphasis on both enablement and security—providing access but properly controlling that access. 📲 Click to tweet.
  • Identity security involves setting up and defining users’ roles and creating policies used to govern access throughout the digital identity’s lifecycle. 📲 Click to tweet.
  • By embracing a strong identity security solution, you’ll be able to use AI and ML technology to properly provision and deliver the right access to the right users at the onset of the onboarding process and throughout a user’s lifecycle. 📲 Click to tweet.
  • Identity security enables you to manage and govern accounts, roles and entitlements for all applications, systems, data and cloud services, all while maintaining the same level of consistency and visibility across the enterprise. 📲 Click to tweet.
  • Identity security uses deep analytics and machine learning to detect and identify risks, separate duties (SoD) to enforce security controls and build and enforce custom access policies. 📲 Click to tweet.
  • Identity security ensures regulatory compliance by providing transparency into every digital identity in the enterprise. This includes their attributes, entitlements, and even access history. 📲 Click to tweet.
  • With SailPoint Identity Security you can transform manual processes to automated, shift your security approach from technology-centric to people centric and evolve static policies to be self-learning and adaptive. 📲 Click to tweet.

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