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Top 5 Reasons to Integrate your Privilege Access Management (PAM) and Identity Governance Solutions

Authored by Taylor Wiggins, Global Alliances Marketing Manager at BeyondTrust

We are back live and in person in Austin, TX, for SailPoint’s Navigate conference! SailPoint is celebrating 10 years at their user conference this year, and we are excited to be onsite sponsoring at a Gold Level. We look forward to sharing all the integration capabilities BeyondTrust and SailPoint have achieved for our joint customers. We are even more excited to share why these combined solutions are so important. So, why does this matter, and how can BeyondTrust and SailPoint help?    

Organizations are moving to the cloud faster than ever, so adopting a cloud-first strategy is increasingly a business imperative. As organizations make this transition, they quickly realize that identity is critical to successful access management and governance. For most organizations, however, cloud-first and identity-centric solutions on their own aren’t enough. They also need out-of-the-box integrations that don’t require additional services to connect. This enables enterprises to focus on building value for their business rather than becoming bogged down with complex, costly, and time-consuming integration implementations for their security strategies.  

What’s the key to a successful cloud-first and identity-centric security strategy?   

In today’s threat landscape, the risk of even a small gap within a security implementation is steep. All it takes is a single compromised privileged account to damage an organization’s operations and reputation significantly. Integrating privileged access management (PAM) and identity governance into a unified governance and security solution is critical to closing the gaps within an organization’s overall identity security posture.  

In this blog, I will discuss why integrating your privileged access management and identity governance solutions can set you up for the best possible outcome with your security implementation.  

The top 5 reasons to integrate your PAM and identity governance solutions  

Here are five of the most important benefits organization stand to gain from an integrated, best-in-class identity and access security solution:  

1. Improves Visibility – Holistic visibility over privileged and non-privileged identities via an integrated solution eliminates the risk of human errors and delays. Further, providing a single, centralized view of all identities and access helps to identify and close any gaps in access governance to reduce the risk of an overlooked privilege being exploited to breach the entire network.  

2. Centralizes management – A single, centralized view into all identities, including privileged accounts, coupled with automation, improves the user experience for admins, simplifies the access governance process, and provides a deeper level of granularity. The benefits include cyber risk reduction, a simplified path to meeting compliance mandates, and improved eligibility (while lowering the costs) for cyber insurance.  

3. Enhances productivity and efficiency – Privileged task automation eliminates operational inefficiencies associated with the tedious and time-consuming manual management of privileged accounts and permissions, allowing admins to focus on more productive projects.  

4. Supports identity security at the planetary scale – Integration of identity governance and PAM creates a hyper-scalable approach to managing privileged access for many vital business processes, including access requests, access certifications, provisioning, search, and analytics.   

5. Enables a zero trust approach to cybersecurity – Integrated best-in-class identity governance and PAM solutions are vital to creating an overall security model that implements the principle of least privilege (PoLP) while securing privileged and non-privileged identities. This is an essential piece of the zero trust approach.   

How do I start building my integrated approach?  

Integrating identity governance and privileged access management into a unified governance and security solution is critical to establishing a cyber defense that is poised to withstand today’s cyber threats while enabling organizations to securely fast-track digital transformation initiatives. To learn more about how you can integrate the BeyondTrust PAM and SailPoint identity governance solutions you already have in place, visit us here.  

Want to see a live, in-person demo? Join us for SailPoint’s Navigate conference in Austin, TX, on October 3rd – 5th, where we will have onsite experts to show you all the latest with our best-of-breed integration. You won’t want to miss out on the new technology innovations or the chance to absorb the latest industry thought leadership, and we’ve got some very exciting swag for all who stop by our booth. Register here!