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Three Questions with Suchitra Hari, Director of Engineering, SaaS at SailPoint

Suchitra Hari is the type of leader you want on your team. Calm and collected, but firm, she knows how to motivate people to innovate. Early on, she says she was reluctant to pursue a career in engineering, but 15 years later that path has given Suchitra the ability to flex her technical skills and lead her fellow engineers to do the same. As the Director of Engineering, SaaS on the SailPoint crew, Suchitra uses her technical background to lead and improve her team’s ability to execute at scale and deliver innovative solutions for our customers’ identity governance challenges.

Not only is Suchitra an incredible engineering leader, she’s also a mom and self-proclaimed Potterhead. From keeping active to who inspires her, we got an inside look at what helps Suchitra stay grounded and motivated every day.     

Where will we find you at 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and how does that routine/ritual help you be a better leader during the work week?

Likely strength training at the Gym or at home now during the pandemic. It is more ritual than routine – time spent that I value and an activity I want to participate in to push my limits. It helps create focus, clarity and positive energy. I have a long way to go for some serious weight lifting. I also pursue a few other hobbies, largely because I enjoy them, they also help de-clutter my mind.

What woman inspires you, and how do they influence your own leadership style?

Throughout my career I have been extremely fortunate to have great mentors and sponsors. Good lessons learnt to build and develop a personal brand, respect for self and strengths and investing in a network. Vulnerability and empathy are key leadership skills and I learnt that from the many mothers in engineering who I have had the good fortune to have as my mentors. Strong, vulnerable woman with empathy for real people and customer problems inspires the engineer and leader I am; I hope to pay it forward by mentoring more women in engineering and aspiring leaders. 

How do you keep yourself grounded in times of great stress or change? 

I like to stick to a routine and more so when it is stressful, taking a step back and gaining an “outside-in” perspective helps me to stay objective and be on point. As a leader, I am wary of making decisions when I am distracted. It is important to take time to pause and enjoy things that truly matter, and I find very few things are more grounding than family. I also try and find reasons to be grateful for what I have. Amidst a global pandemic, I am grateful for a job that lets me work from home, keeping my kids and family safe and some great team members, managers and friends at work. Inhale, Exhale, Repeat!

Suchitra Hari, Director of Engineering, SaaS