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Three Questions with Field CTO EMEA, Caroline Lawson

If you have questions about identity and security, Caroline Lawson is the person for the job. She has spent years building up a career in technology, all the way from starting as a translator in Sales Operations to becoming a Security Architect. Now, in her current role as Field CTO EMEA on the SailPoint Crew, Caroline helps organisations understand the threat landscape and then helps them navigate that with identity.

Caroline has wisdom abound for navigating a career in tech, embracing challenges and finding balance in all areas of life. We sat down with Caroline to share some of that wisdom with other Women in Identity.

Where will we find you at 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning, and how does that routine/ritual help you be a better leader during the work week?

Either lying on the floor playing Lego with my daughter or out together having lunch – and if I’m good she lets me tour the beauty counters in John Lewis looking for my next must have product! Spending time with her grounds me, she’s great company now and I hope she sees me as solid role model – I want her to know she can do any job she wants and go as far as she wants, just like Mummy.

What woman inspires you, and how do they influence your own leadership style?

Without question, my mum. She is a teacher and a uncompromising one. She always saw my potential and pushed me hard, held me to high standards and still does. “Do you feel you’ve done your best effort?” rings in my head whether I’m working, being a mum or doing my nails and it drives me to do better.

How do you keep yourself grounded in times of great stress or change? 

I am naturally optimistic, I look for the benefits that change can bring and I think looking for positives makes them happen. I tell my daughter “We are women it’s our job to be brave – and it’s easy to be brave when the going is good, it’s harder to be brave when you’re scared but that’s when it counts!”

Caroline recently shared her wisdom on Identity Talks, and you can hear more from her in the video below!